Who are we?

Innovative Production USA
is the future of food

InnProUSA is a forward-thinking company that puts team, family, community, and sustainability at the forefront of everything we do.

Plant-Based Focus

Over the past five years, InnProUSA has built a dynamic cross-functional team with affiliates and team members dispersed throughout the Midwest – with sales agents and distribution networks located throughout USA and Canada. We believe that plant-based foods are the future of food.

Patented Technologies

At InnProUSA we do things a little differently. We’ve spent years innovating and developing patented and patent-pending technology to manufacture high-quality, innovative, and sustainably-made, plant-based ingredients. It also allows us to be responsive to the ever-changing landscape of food production.

Supportive Environment

InnProUSA supports their team with strong compensation, benefits, and a supportive team environment. We are strong believers in the old proverb about teaching a man (or woman) to fish. When we all do better, we ALL do better.