About Us

Our Mission

Leading innovation in Food Science and Biotechnology with healthy plant-based ingredients for food, beverage, and nutritional products.

Our culture focuses on a people-first mindset, leading change with Integrity, Humility, Innovation, Health, and Sustainability as core values.

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Who We Are

InnPro is a team of innovative professionals, thinkers, and makers, creating sustainable food production and biotechnical product solutions for food, beverage and nutritional applications.

Our Research & Development operations originate from our South Dakota headquarters, with satellite production facilities throughout the Midwest.

What We Do

We are in a state of continual improvement within Food Science, Biotech, and Research & Development, holding multiple patents and numerous trade secret technologies leading to best-in-class food, beverage, nutritional and value-added agricultural ingredients.

Our commitment to food innovation has resulted in high quality ingredients that are optimized for Food & Beverage and nutritional applications.

We have found great traction and market acceptance through our oatmilk products, rice and other novel plant-based proteins, including our signature ultra-filtered pea protein, PROFECTEIN™.

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Where We Work

Our team includes professionals at our headquarters, R&D center, manufacturing facilities and warehouses, and a network of manufacturing partner relationships - resulting in a strong presence throughout the Midwest.

We have a footprint that extends to:

  • South Dakota
  • Minnesota
  • Illinois
  • Indiana

Why We Do it

InnPro drives the industry to promote sustainable agriculture and manufacturing of plant-based ingredients, organic, gluten free, and non-GMO products.

We follow fair trade practices and environmental policies that produce quality products while leaving the lightest possible carbon footprint on the earth.

InnPro aims to become a low to no-waste company.

Our Sustainability Practices

We use raw materials primarily from the Midwest and Canadian growing regions. We practice heat and water recovery at our plants, where water is heated, cooled, captured, and put back into the process.

In our protein processing, we are able to recover and reuse significantly greater amounts of water, which often passes through many processing waste streams, than other producers utilizing prior generation processing methods.

Our patented ultra-filtration technology is capable of recovering up to 25% more protein than typical industry methods. This means less food waste and a more sustainable food system from field to fork.

Many of our co-products are also upcycled into various animal nutrient supplements or further converted into value-added ingredient products.

A Carbon-Negative Future

We envision the development and operation of carbon-negative facilities that utilize solar, wind, and other sustainable energy sources in production as well as the deployment of alternative fuel, hybrid, and electric vehicles – all while creating quality, in-demand products.

We believe there is a better way to produce plant-based ingredients and our team is continuously innovating ways to develop sustainable products and manufacturing practices to improve the health of people and our planet.